The wide range of customers from many different industries around the world that we work with has required us to become highly skilled in many methods of composites tooling and production. With this need to accommodate our customer’s requirements we have capabilities and tools that are unmatched by most composite shops.

With our 3D laser scanning and verification abilities, Tiger Composites Inc. can also take hand crafted work in to the CAD model world. Our 12 foot Romer CMM arm and Perceptron laser scanner are also vital in the proofing of prototype parts and high tolerance tools and molds. This guarantees that the part is right the first time and is a vital step in Tiger Composites' quality system.

Just a few of the in house tooling and production methods available to our customers at all of our facilities are:

High tolerance plug and mold manufacture
Gel coating
In mold painting and out of mold painting and finishing
Urethane coatings
Hand lay up
Chop gun spray up
Vacuum infusion, including large structures infusions
RTM lite
Compression molding
Wet preg layup
Pre preg layup
Autoclaved parts and tooling

We maintain all of the equipment to perform these processes in house at each of our locations around the globe.

Just a few of the items our tool box includes are:

5x12x1 3 axis CNC router
5 x10x3 5 axis CNC router
5 x24 2 axis CNC plotter and cutter with digitizing table
12 foot Romer CMM arm with Perceptron laser
10x20 Walk in freezer
12 x28 computer controlled oven with vacuum source
Environmentally controlled clean process rooms for epoxy laminates and bonding processes
Paint booths and sanding and finishing booths
Solid works @ CAD design software with full FEA and CFD analysis capability

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